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    Alkaline Batteries

  • Batteries are shredded and neutralized using sulfuric acid generated from acidic batteries.
  • The neutralized product is drained and dried.
  • The dried product is mixed with carbon based steel turnings and sent to a steel furnace.
  • The metals, including carbon and other components of the battery are reutilized in steel production.
  • The zinc portion of the battery is recovered in the bag house, which is sent for zinc recovery.

    Lead Acid Batteries

  • Batteries containing lead are sent for lead recovery.
  • The battery is crushed then enters an MA sink float separation system which allows the lead to sink and be separated from the floating plastic.
  • The plastic is recovered, washed and extruded into pellets that are used in the manufacture of new battery casings.
  • The lead is smelted to produce ingots that are used to produce new lead battery plates.

    Lithium Batteries

  • The batteries are cooled to -325 degrees Fahrenheit in order to deactivate the Lithium within.
  • The batteries are then shredded and neutralized.
  • The Lithium salt is reclaimed and sent for refining into Lithium metal used primarily in the production of new Lithium batteries.

    Mercury Batteries

  • Batteries are heated to 700 degrees Fahrenheit in a mercury retorter in order to recover the mercury from the batteries.
  • The heat causes the mercury to fume off as a vapour, which is recovered and condensed.
  • This mercury product is then triple distilled to produce pure elemental mercury.

    Nickel & Cadmium Batteries

  • Nickel and Cadmium are recovered separately pyrometallurgically.
  • Cadmium is recovered as sticks and balls for reuse primarily in the manufacturing of new Nickel Cadmium batteries.
  • Nickel is recovered in the form of ingots suitable for reuse in the stainless steel industry.

    Silver Oxide Batteries

  • There is a minute number of Silver Oxide batteries found in Household Hazardous Waste collection.
  • The average amount is 1 lb of Silver Oxide batteries per 400,000 lbs of waste. (400,000 lbs is approximately ten full transport trailers.)
  • These batteries are sent for precious metal recovery where the silver is reclaimed and reused.
  • Drums & Pails are available for packaging.


  • All electronic waste; including: computers, photocopiers, fax-machines, etc...

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