At Aevitas, we deliver fully integrated service programs tailored to the specific needs of the mining industry.

Our company and the mining industry have a great deal in common. We both look to extract value from materials and our goals take a team of highly trained professionals to accomplish. We need to deliver high quality products and services to our clients using methods that are ecologically friendly and sustainable, and that adhere to strict provincial and federal guidelines. At Aevitas, we have been providing hazardous waste management and recycling services for over 25 years and have become leaders in our industry. When you choose us as a dependable waste recycling and disposal provider, you can stay focused on doing what you do best, extracting value from mines and providing value to shareholders. Our specialized service programs designed for your mining company include:

Our organization has highly trained professionals dedicated to providing your mining operation stress-free waste disposal and recycling solutions. Contact us today and add us to your team.