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Site Services

  • Sample Collection
  • Storage Site Decommissioning
  • Transformer Removal
  • Waste Packaging to TDGA Requirements
  • Transport Loading
  • Transformer Draining
  • Labeling and Waste Preparation
  • Retrofills for PCB Transformers
  • Soil Excavation

Transformer Drains

  • Pure PCB (ASKAREL) Transformers
  • Mineral Oil Tranformers
  • Perchloroethylene PCB Transformers
  • Drum Supply
  • Bulk Tanker Oil Transport
  • Retrofills with Recycled Oil
  • Transformer Removal and Disposal

PCB Retrofills

  • PCB oil is drained from the transformer and sent to our treatment facility to be dechlorinated (to destroy the PCB). The transformer is flushed with MODEF60 to clean internal surfaces of PCB and to remove flush sludge from the transformer. The transformer is than refilled using our product oil MODEF60.
    Note: The general rule is a 10% leach back of PCB from the core over a 90 day period.


  • Disposal and Recycling of PCB Ballasts:
  • Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts
  • HID Lamp Ballasts
  • Street Light Ballasts
  • Disposal of Non-PCB Ballasts for Recycling in Canada
  • Packaging of Ballasts and Lamps
  • Lamp Recycling
  • Identifying PCB Light Ballasts

Incineration of all PCB Wastes that can not be recycled. Including:

  • PCB Debris
  • PCB Soils
  • PCB Askarel Fluid
  • PCB Capacitors
  • PCB Solvents and Paint
  • Our incineration facility meets strict compliance to Canadian environmental regulation.

Electrical Equipment, Treatment and Recycling

  • Removal of PCB Contamination at our Licenced Treatment Facilities
    Metals are recovered for recycling. Including:
  • Transformers
  • Electrical Structures
  • Cable
  • Switches
  • X-Ray Transformers
  • Recycling of PCB and Non-PCB Equipment

PCB Oil & Dechlorination

  • PCBs are removed from mineral oil by chemically breaking down the PCB molecule. Once broken down, the oil can be separated from its by-products and recycled.
    Oils are then polished back to product transformer oil for re-use.
    Note: Oils up to 7000ppm of PCB can be dechlorinated.

PCB Waste Transportation

  • Transportation of PCB waste requires a specific Certificate of Approval in Ontario and other provinces.
  • Transportation of Soils
  • Transportation of Oils
  • Transportation of Transformers
  • Drum Pick-ups
  • Milk-Runs

For more information please contact:

Peter Demeter
Tel: 905.697.5997
Fax: 905.697.0660
Cell: 905.440.5386
Toll Free: 877.647.9997

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