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Aevitas Inc. is a leading specialist in providing transformer manufacturers, electrical service companies, and electrical utilities with new quality, recycled transformer oil with associated services. Our oil processing facility in Brantford (Ontario) receives, treats, and refines used transformer oil, producing new quality transformer oil for re-sale in the transformer market. The environmental benefits of the Aevitas Inc. recycling process are proven by allowing for the continued use of a non-renewable resource, and the removal of virtually all PCB content within the oil.
Here is just a brief description of the varied products and service that we have to offer:

MODEF60 Mineral Insulating Oil

  • Aevitas Inc.’s product transformer oil is a napthenic based, recycled, new quality mineral insulating oil. MODEF60 meets existing ASTM quality standards and is shipped throughout North America. Our ability to supply and deliver by tanker, tote, drum, or pail meets virtually every customer requirement. MODEF60 can be supplied in either Type I or Type II (inhibited) formulations. Please see our Limits of Release below:

Test ASTM No. Recommended Limits Aevitas Limits
* Aevitas limits are always exceeded prior to MODEF60 being shipped.
** Both a Standard Analytical and PCB Analytical of MODEF60 is provided with each load.
Dielectric Breakdown D1816 2mm Gap 35 KV (MIN) 45 KV (MIN)
Neutralization Number D974 0.02 Milligrams KOH/gram (MAX) 0.01 (MAX)
Interfacial Tension D971 40 Dynes/cm (MIN) 46 Dynes/cm (MIN)
Specific Gravity D1298 0.840-0.900 0.855-0.890
Colour D1500 0.5-8.0 0.5-1.5
Visual Condition D1524 clarity|sediment|free water clear|none|no
Water Content D1533 25 p.p.m. (MAX) 12 p.p.m. (MAX)

    Oil Draining and Receiving

  • Aevitas Inc. receives transformer oil from across Canada. Our fleet of trucks and oil tankers allow us to drain and transport large or small volumes from coast to coast. Our trained and experienced site service personnel know how to drain transformers and various other electrical equipment safely and effectively. The Aevitas facility in Brantford, Ontario is a registered waste receiver with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. For environmentally sensitive locations, Aevitas Inc. will employ its’ portable “Spill Containment Berm”. Our truck and tanker are parked within the berm, allowing the full tanker volume to be contained in an emergency rupture or spill situation.

    Supercharged Inhibited Transformer Oil

  • Oxidation and sludging occur within any transformer through time. The addition of oxidation inhibitors to the existing transformer oil will virtually halt the oxidation process. Aevitas Inc. supplies “Supercharged” inhibited transformer oil in totes, drums, or pails based on individual transformer volumes and particular requirements. Once our customers provide us with some basic information, we can formulate, supply, and deliver the necessary amount of “supercharged” oil. Our customers just add the “supercharged” oil to the existing transformer oil.

    Tank Farm Storage

  • For customers with long term storage issues, our 700,000 litre capacity tank farm can help. The tank farm is concrete contained and was built on a geosynthetic membrane to eliminate any potential environmental risk. All pumping to and from our tank farm is conducted within our self-contained Quonset Hut.

    Aevitas Silicone Transformer Fluid

  • Aevitas Inc. maintains a supply of silicone transformer fluid which is recycled and reprocessed for use in either retrofilling or silicone fluid level top ups on existing silicone filled transformers. Once again, we can supply in either tote, drum, or pail depending on particular customer needs.

For more information please contact:

Jay Sherlock
Director of Operations
Tel: 519.752.7646 Ext.222
Fax: 519.752.5235
Cell: 519.754.7165
Toll Free: 877.448.5900


Please download necessary MSDS documents (in PDF format):

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