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The Aevitas fleet of specialized vehicles, process trailers, and oil tankers coupled with our skilled site service personnel, are continuously in the field providing timely and reliable on-site services to our customers across Canada. Our extensive range of services include:

Vacuum Filling

  • As most Medium to Large Power Transformers are shipped from various manufacturing plants without oil, they must be vacuum filled with oil at the time of installation according to manufacturers’ specifications. Aevitas Inc.’s experience and expertise in vacuum filling is beyond compare. Our process trailers are all equipped with degasification units, vacuum systems, and on-board generators so we can access any area, no matter how remote, and operate self-sufficiently. Trailers are also equipped with: “Dielectric Test Sets” to monitor the quality of the oil as it is being processed; and “Dew Point Analyzers” to measure existing moisture levels within empty transformers.


  • The life expectancy of any transformer is closely related to the quality of its oil; through time, the existing transformer oil will begin to degrade and lose both its insulating and cooling properties. Retrofilling involves removing the existing oil from the transformer and replacing it with Aevitas Inc.’s product transformer oil, MODEF60. Retrofilling, or an oil change, will help prolong the life of any transformer. This process also helps to reduce or eliminate any detectable PCBs within a transformer.


  • On-site degasification removes harmful gasses and water from transformer oil. This is an essential aspect of transformer maintenance since moisture within a transformer will greatly decrease the dielectric strength of the oil, and lead to potential paper degradation which puts the transformer at risk of failure. The removal of harmful gasses from the oil will also help to prolong the life of a transformer by keeping the oil’s insulating properties at a high level.

On-Site Tanker Storage

  • Many routine transformer maintenance procedures involve temporarily lowering the oil level, or sometimes even draining the entire transformer completely. Aevitas Inc. can provide temporary tanker storage for this oil, so maintenance work can be completed on the transformer.

Silicone Degasification | Retrofilling

  • Aevitas Inc. owns and operates a specialized silicone degasifier to process the many silicone fluid filled transformers in existence. Our silicone degasifier is a dedicated unit, with its own hoses and fittings, to avoid any possible contamination with transformer oil (silicone fluid and transformer oil should never be mixed). Aevitas Inc. also has its own supply of recycled silicone fluid for retrofilling existing transformers.

Transformer Oil Sampling and Analysis

  • An important part of any transformer maintenance program is the routine sampling and analysis of transformer oil. Aevitas Inc.’s knowledgeable site service technicians are trained in transformer oil sampling. Samples are sent to third party laboratories for standard analysis and/or dissolved gas analysis (DGA); PCB Analysis is performed by our own Aevitas Laboratory.

For more information please contact:

Jay Sherlock
Director of Operations
Tel: 519.752.7646 Ext.222
Fax: 519.752.5235
Cell: 519.754.7165
Toll Free: 877.448.5900

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